Eliot & Thompson Society

Our deepest gratitude to the following individuals and families who have made MICDS a priority in their estate planning. Your legacy will support many future generations of MICDS students.

Anonymous (21)
Anonymous* (15)
Dr. Stephen C. Achuff
Ms. Cynthia Armstrong
Eugenie L. Armstrong*
Mrs. Newell A. Augur*
Dora Kim Baer
Mr. Willard Bartlett III
William A. Bowersox
Mr. Dudley A. Bragdon III*
Mrs. John Brodhead Jr.*
Mr. Carl A. Brooks*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Brouster Sr.
Miss Katherine Ward Burg*
Mrs. Jane Burke*
Spencer and Phoebe Burke
Clay Calvert
H. King Carter*
Miss Adelaide Cherbonnier*
Mrs. Nancy H. Child
Nick and Marian* Clifford
Janet Codding*
Ruth K. Cole
Mr. John C. Compton
Karen and Bert Condie
Mr.* and Mrs.* Herbert D. Condie Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Barry J. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Coulter
Mrs. Bertram B. Culver Jr. *
Mr. William C. D'Arcy Jr.*
Mr. Rolf G. de Leuw*
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Desloge Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William O. DeWitt Jr.
Mr.* and Mrs.* George N. Diederich
Mr. William H. Diller Jr.*
Mr. Archibald G. Douglass*
The Hon. Thomas F. Eagleton*
Mr. and Mrs. David Elliott
Susan and Howard Elliott
Mr.* and Mrs.* Warren P. Elmer Jr.
Richard and Judith* Engelsmann
George H. Erker*
Alyn* and Marlyn* Essman
Mr.* and Mrs. L. Rumsey Ewing
Mr. David P. Ferriss*
Mrs. Rosemary Weisels Flance*
Harris J. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. John Freund
Mr. R. Fairfax Funsten Jr.*
Mr. Robert L. Funsten*
R. Andy Gail
Mr.* and Mrs. Edmond A. Garesche III
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Goltermann III
Mr.* and Mrs. Milton Greenfield Jr.
Ms. Irene Guay*
Anne Bright Gundelfinger
Mr. Arthur G. Hailand Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Earle H. Harbison Jr.
Mr. Clark A. Hardesty
Mrs. Jane Harris*
Harvard K. Hecker*
Ms. Noel Messing Hefty
Bob Hermann, Jr.
Mr.*and Mrs.* Henry H. Hitchcock
Mr. Lon Hocker*
Mrs. Olive Moffitt Holliday*
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hollo
Lotsie Hermann Holton '67 & Rick Holton
Ms. Elizabeth A. Homeier
Mr.* and Mrs.* J. Joseph Horan
Mr.* and Mrs.* Arthur Howell Jr.
Sheila Morrin Humphreys
Mrs. William Y. Humphreys III*
Mrs. E.R. Hurd Jr.*
Chris and Lisa Imbs
Ms. Patricia B. Istwan
Mr. T. Frank James III
Ms. Marilyn R. Janning-Bollmeier
Majorie Johnson
Mr.* and Mrs. Henry O. Johnston
Mr. James C. Jones III*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Jones
Ralph W. Kalish, Jr.* and Eleanor L. Withers
Mr. Henry G. Keeler Jr. *
Mrs. Gordon Ketcham*
Ms. Kathleen M. Kohlbry
John C. and Bonnie B. Latzer
Mrs. Hadley Baur Laughlin
Mrs. Alice Brenneke Lawton*
Ina Mae Levy*
Mr. Joseph W. Lewis Jr.*
Allison Light
Mr. John S. Lionberger Jr.*
Ronald Lowy
Mr. and Mrs. John P. MacCarthy
Mrs. John Macrae Jr.*
Mrs. Mark G. Magnuson Jr.*
Philip Edward Mann
Dr. and Mrs. Daryl Johnathon Martin Jr.
William H. and Christine S. Marx Jr.
Mrs. Thomas D. Masters*
Mr. and Mrs. James S. McDonnell III
The Rev. Todd and Sabine McDowell
Mrs. Lesley Knowles McIntire
Lisa D. and Robert W. McLaughlin
Mrs. Wilma J. Messing*
Mrs. David D. Metcalfe Jr.*
Mr. David Metcalfe*
The Rev. Nancy Miller
Mark D. Mittleman
Mary Gratiot Monzingo*
Mr. John W. Moore*
Irene Randolph Morrill
Mr. Richard T. Nelson and Family
Dr. Roger P. Nye
Mr. Louis W. Ochs Jr.*
John and Linda O'Hara
Mr.* and Mrs.* William R. Orthwein Jr.
Mr.* and Mrs.* Robert E. Osgood
Mrs. Pierre L. Papin Jr.*
James R. and Katherine C. Pender
Jean Mitchell Pennington*
Mrs. William H. Petring*
Jane Winter Pettus*
Georgia Simmons Pierpont
Mrs. Emilie Pope Plake*
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Polk Jr.
Steve and Kim Pope
Maurice and Catherine Quiroga
Ms. Patricia Ann Reaves
Joseph E. Rechter
Walter C. Reisinger, Jr.
Mr. Oscar W. Rexford*
Charles G. Riepe
Mr.* and Mrs. Joel A. Rogers
Mrs. Margaret J. Rowan*
Virginia Russell Rowe
Mrs. Stephen W. Rule*
Mr. Jeffrey G. Rush
Jason T. Saghir
Christopher P. Sagovac and Gail E. Weiss
Mr. David G. Sanders and Ms. Lisa L. Lyle
Mr.* and Mrs.* Henry J. Scherck
Mr.* and Mrs.* Gordon Scherck Jr.
David and Mimi Brown Schmid
Mr.* and Mrs.* Frederick A. Schultz
Mr.* and Mrs.* Richard D. Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. John Shepley
Mr. Steven C. Shepley
Mrs. George H. Shields*
Dr. and Mrs.* William A. Sims Jr.
Daniel E. Singer
Mr. E. Lemoine Skinner Jr.*
Mr. W. R. Skinner Jr.*
Mrs. Katharine A. Smith*
Charles S. Sommer
Mr.* and Mrs. Stanley Spencer
Dr. Jamie Spencer
Celeste Dubuque Sprung
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stupp Jr.
Mrs. Jane C. Taylor*
Mr. Vincent F. Townsend II*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Turner
Thomas S. Tuthill
Mr. Charles P. Twitchell*
Janet L. Volkman*
JoAnn Rivinus Vorih
Dr. Harlan P. Wallingford*
David S. Weiss and Bobby D. Sanderson
Mr.* and Mrs. Ted C. Wetterau
Mrs. Howard U. Wilson*
Miss Ruth A. Wilson*
Mrs. William D. Wurdack

* indicates deceased